Why is Housekeeping Important?

A clean home is a haven in the midst of hectic schedules and stressful days. When you walk into a spotless kitchen after a long day, you can finally take a deep breath, relax, and clear your mind. And you’re more likely to smile instead of…

Client Spotlight: Studio X

StudioX has only been open about a year, but T-Pain has already made use of the studios, along with reality stars, podcasters, designers, and more. Just off Fulton Industrial Boulevard in Atlanta’s largest industrial and business district,…

Proven Natural Home Cleaners We Love

At Lily’s Cleaning, we are committed to using only natural cleaning products to protect you and your loved ones. And we want your home to remain toxin-free even when we aren’t there to clean for you. Luckily, cleaning with only safe,…

Austell’s Best Home Cleaning Services

Lily’s Cleaning offers high quality, professional home cleaning services with a personal touch. Our skilled and experienced cleaning team has earned the loyalty of Austell homeowners with consistently excellent service — and results. From…

How to Clean Your Furniture the Natural Way

It doesn’t matter how often or thoroughly you clean your home, your furniture will eventually need special attention. Before you tackle that sofa, ottoman, or dinner table, remember: the first rule of furniture cleaning is to use products…

How to Deep Clean Any Type of Rug

Area rugs are an important part of any home’s function and decor. Not only do they bring comfort and warmth, they can also provide an interesting accent or even pull an entire room together. As anyone who has decorated a home before knows,…

How to Get Streak-Free Windows the DIY Way

Few things can transform a home like spotless windows that let the sunlight pour in. Ideally, we’d all wash our windows two or three times a year, but the chore can feel daunting if you don’t know the best method. Scrubbing and wiping at…

Are Your Dryer Air Ducts a Threat to Your Home?

Clogged dryer air ducts aren’t just dirty — they are a significant fire hazard to your household. Not to mention the hazards they pose to your time and money. Even if the worst case scenario never happens, plugged-up air ducts will make…
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7 Things to Do in Austell You Can’t Do Anywhere Else

The friendly small-town atmosphere of Austell, Georgia might make you forget you’re just a short drive from downtown Atlanta’s busy streets and high rises. Though it’s the fastest growing town in Cobb County, Austell has preserved much…
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How to Load Your Dishwasher for Optimal Results

Loading the dishwasher is part of nearly every household’s daily ritual. And for each household, there are at least two differing opinions on the best way to complete this seemingly straightforward task. The great dishwasher debate is a…