Client Spotlight: Studio X


StudioX has only been open about a year, but T-Pain has already made use of the studios, along with reality stars, podcasters, designers, and more. Just off Fulton Industrial Boulevard in Atlanta’s largest industrial and business district, they are fast becoming a creative haven for some of the region’s top artists.

Stephen Lott, Director of Finance for StudioX, says they quickly attracted high-profile clients thanks to their talented in-house photographers. But anyone — not just artists and celebrities — can rent their photography studios and event space.

StudioX hired Lily’s to keep their entire facility clean, polished, and professional, so every renter feels like a celeb.

Keeping a Busy Facility Clean as New

From private parties and corporate events to performance rehearsals and product shoots, the StudioX building can see a lot of foot traffic. To make sure no renter ever walks into the last renter’s mess, they knew they needed an efficient and reliable cleaning team on their side.

“Whenever we have a late night event, it might be a wild one, I call Lily’s and they come take care of it,” says Stephen. “They’re awesome.”

Though Lily’s provide regular cleaning to the entire facility, the ability to call for on-the-spot help when they need it makes all the difference. A flexible and responsive cleaning service allows StudioX to stay on top of multiple spaces and protect their reputation for excellence.


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A Trustworthy Cleaning Team

StudioX has unique cleaning needs, with large spaces, high ceilings, and expensive, professional-grade sound, lighting, and photography equipment throughout the building. A trustworthy team is critical, especially since Stephen and his colleagues have better things to do than supervise a cleaning crew.

Lily’s understands how to properly clean and care for the studios and event space, leaving behind a streak-free, dust-free, spotless environment every time.

“They’re trustworthy,” says Stephen. “Every time I ask them to do something, I come back and I’m more than pleased.”

“They’re in and out,” he adds, emphasizing our team’s consistent ability to get the job done both quickly and effectively. This combination of customer service, strong work ethic, and efficiency has all helped earn the trust of Stephen and his colleagues.


Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

If you have a commercial property in the Fulton Industrial District you can benefit from regular commercial cleaning services. The key qualities named by Stephen of StudioX are the same qualities we show each of our commercial cleaning clients.

Here’s how our flexible customer service, strong work ethic, and reliable efficiency can benefit you:

#1: Flexible Service for Focused Professionals

Whether you have an office, hospitality, or retail space, cleaning duties should not be part of your daily concerns. A commercial cleaning service can ensure you never think about dingy carpets or streaked windows again, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to your business.

Like the focused professionals at StudioX, you need to make the best possible impression on your clients, maintain the value of your property, and provide a clean environment for employees. We understand that things don’t always go to plan, and flexible on-call help can be essential to meeting all of these demands. 

#2: A Team that Goes Above and Beyond

The Lily’s Cleaning team takes our work — and your business — seriously. We show your property the same care we would show our own and make no compromises when it comes to your security and satisfaction.

We will build a relationship with you from day one in order to understand your evolving needs and preferences. While we will develop a thorough cleaning checklist for your specific commercial space, we regularly go above and beyond the checklist to proactively address any issues that may arise. Dust, grease, mold, carpet stains, unsightly tile — any cleaning challenge you can think of, we’re ready to take it on.

#3: Efficiency You Can Rely On

As Stephen said, we get “in and out” as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work. We make every effort to stay out of your way and quickly free up your property while cleaning thoroughly. Our highly skilled and experienced cleaners make it possible to do both.

At Lily’s, efficiency doesn’t just mean checking off boxes as fast as we can. Our commercial cleaning crew is prepared to clean any surface or material effectively. Working efficiently comes easy because we know the best cleaning methods and have the right cleaning products on hand.


Cleaning Services that Grow with Your Business

Like Lily’s, StudioX is a local business committed to seeing their Atlanta community thrive. They’re called “Atlanta’s best kept secret,” but they won’t stay secret for long.

“Our vision is to be able to grow and open up more StudioX’s in the future,” says Stephen. And he wants to uplift his community as they grow, supporting his fellow businesses and entrepreneurs.

Lily’s shares this passion for relationships and vision for growing together. If you’re looking for a trustworthy commercial cleaning service to partner in your growth, reach out today for a free consultation. We can be reached at (678) 644-4855.